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My School Printing

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating Card

Q. How much does it cost the school?

A. There are no hidden costs. The school makes £1 profit on every pack sold. We recommend £5.00 per pack to parents for the 1st pack and £4.00 per pack for subsequent packs.

Q. Is there a minimum order quantity?

A. We generally like you to have 50 children involved – this is due to our ordering system requirements.

Q. What if we change our mind and don’t want to participate?

A. We ask that you read our website and have the support of the PTA/School before ordering you pack if you require a sample of our cards before ordering click here. Although the packs are delivered to you free of charge we do not like sending them unnecessarily.

Q. Do your cards contain a greeting?

A. No, we leave the card blank on the inside ready for you to write your own message

Q. Can siblings take part who are not at the same school?

A. Yes, we can process unique cards. Unfortunately due to the ordering system the cards will have your school name on the back.

Q. Will the original artwork be returned?

A. No, unfortunately artwork cannot be returned. However in January when the project is finished, all artwork used such as paper and boxes are then confidentially shredded and recycled.

Q. FSC & Carbon Footprint?

A. My School Printing is dedicated to recycling and all our paper products are printed onto FSC paper or baord which means all our paper is from well managed forests.

Q. Can we use photographs on the cards?

A. YES, please ensure any medium stuck to the template is secure. Please do not use staples or paperclips.

“Just want to say how helpful and easy you are to talk to. Thank you for changing our school order forms so that the school doesn't get any cheques made out to them. We look forward to using you again this year for our Christmas order.
Thanks again”

Stacey Hawthorne

John Hampden School, Wendover