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My School Printing

Personalised Printed Gifts for Mothers Day

Creating a masterpiece
FREE Mother’s Day Card with every order

A Great School Fundraising Idea

My School Printing offers personalised printing throughout the year and this year we have launched two exiting new products for Mother’s Day.

Personalised Aprons and Tote Bags with the children’s design, name and 2018 printed on.

No financial outlay

Simply register your school or club and we will send you a FREE artwork pack. If you have registered with My School Printing for other projects, like our Christmas cards, we will have your details just click here to register your interest for Mother’s Day and we will send your FREE artwork pack.

Generate School Funds

Each mug ordered earns £1.50 for your school. Mugs cost your school £4.50 with a suggested price to parents £6.00.

To maximise the funds you could raise we also offer personalised coasters and teddy bears to order at the same time.

Mother’s Day Tote Bags

Coasters (Pack of 4) cost to your school £5.50 with a suggested price to parents of £7.00. Earn £1.50.
Teddies cost to school £6.00, suggested price to parents £7.00. Earn £1.00.
Aprons (Adult Size) cost to school £6.50, price to parents £7.50. Earn £1.00.
Tote Bag cost to school £6.00, price to parents £7.00. Earn £1.00.
Fridge Magnet cost to school £2.50, price to parents £3.50. Earn £1.00.

FREE Mother’s Day card (featuring child’s design) with every order.

VAT included in the cost and FREE delivery on orders over 20 mugs (there is a small postage charge of £8 for smaller orders).

Mother’s Day Mugs

Mother’s Day Personalised Gifts,
Simple Template and Easy Ordering

We offer a square template for Mother’s Day gifts with the design printed on each side of the mug. For younger children we recommend they make a hand print, with the option to add a poem and created by child’s name.

The children create their unique design, then take home the design (which includes the order form) to place their order. Then simply return all the order forms, no hassle with ordering online, we will do all the hard work for you.

All you need to do is get the teachers involved in either a project within class or it even makes a great homework project. Hopefully Dad or another relative friend will help out at home and keep it out of sight of Mum, so it’s a lovely surprise on Mother’s Day.

“After trying several other printers, we have been using My School Printers since 2013. Their information is clear, making it easy for each child to follow the instructions and achieve a design which makes them proud. Every child from pre-school nursery to Y6 enjoys getting involved, but the printers provide an excellent ordering and tracking system on line, then they follow up with the paperwork enclosed in the packing, for efficient checking of quantities at our end. I love seeing my pupils' faces when they first receive their sample card, as they are delighted to see their design looking truly professional. The printers have been fantastic when samples have not come out as expected. I have emailed and they have immediately sent a reprinted sample that arrived within three days. There is a real buzz of excitement when they receive their Christmas goods because of the extensive choice of printed wear available. We have raised hundreds of pounds without any initial outlay; improved children's self esteem; solved parents' Christmas present issues; and promoted our school on each card...all hassle free. Thank you My School Printing for your great service!”

Mrs Amanda Burn, Head of Art

Akeley Wood Junior School